Bizin1 is a hub for everyday business solution where deal and transactions worth millions are fast-tracked and closed.  From human resources to real estate, to travels to foreign currency exchange we’ve got covered.

Users of Bizin1 platform are advised to check the “SAFETY TIPS” our website and ensure to comply with our terms of service and other precautions set out  here-in. Bizin1 runs a Targeted Classified Ad Platform with which any User of the Bizin1 platform can place adverts and reach out to potential market via our;

  • BIZIN1 Home Page Slider
  • BIZIN1 Classified Ads Category
  • BIZIN1 Social Media Channels
  • Email Network


To place ads on Bizin1, the first step is to get your ad banner designed by a good graphic designer. Your ad banner must be border-less, 1980 pixels wide, 1210 pixels       tall, less than 100kb in size, and in the PNG or JPG format. Once it’s ready, go to the SIGN UP section of bizin1 platform and click  “ADVERT UPLOAD”  to upload your banner ad and landing page, and wait for approval. (Your ad might not be approved if it’s deceptive or illegal or morally questionable in some way).

Please see our “PRICING”  section to find out available subscription plans and benefits, including how much it’ll cost to advertise on the various sections of Bizin1 on the long run.

We look forward to doing business with you!

Best regards,

The Bizin1 Team